Custom Mouth Guards vs. Boil and Bite

Mouth guards are commonly found in just about any sporting good store and many consumers do not pay attention to detail. This is why 95-99% of consumers looking for protective mouth guards purchase a boil and bite. This does not mean that the masses are purchasing the best protection. This just means, when most consumers decide which mouth guard to buy, they are making the decision based on what they know to be true. Myth #1: as long as the protective mouth piece covers the teeth you are protected. Myth #2: the boil and bite is the most cost effective measure and it serves its purpose. Myth #3: being fitted by a dentist cost too much and I do not think it is worth it.

Myth #1: There is some truth to this. Having something in place is better than not having anything at all. Let’s not forget the tooth is just not what you see when you smile. You need to be protected where the roots are as well so the higher up your appliance goes up, the more protected you are. Yes it is possible to buy a low-end model to stretch the material high enough for maximum protection, and I know there might be some people who would be willing to try after reading this article. This is not recommended unless you are willing to burn yourself.

Myth #2: Boil and bite is the least expensive and most commonly found out there in the market. You have to boil the material in water and then bite into place for it to conform to your teeth. Again, it does serve it’s purpose because having some protection is better than not having any at all. With the boil and bite, you do get what you pay for. You might burn yourself while you go through the process of forming the mouth guard to your teeth. It will be difficult to achieve uniform protection. The results are sometimes to bulky which in turn prevent the amount of oxygen that the user is able to take in. It is necessary to bite down to keep the mouth guard in place. The best product is the one that gives the most breathability, goes up as high as possible on the gums, and is a tight fit all the way around so that each tooth you are protecting is acting as anchor to protect the whole as one solid piece. Providing the best protection is more cost-effective. It costs $3,000-4,000 of dental care for each tooth loss. It really is worth purchasing a higher quality product with more protection.

Myth #3: Custom guards fitted by a dentist do traditionally cost $300-400. I have even heard of some dentist charging up to $600. I see no problem with $300-400 that the dentist is charging for his chair time if the labs that they send to manufacture a good product, but the labs that they traditionally send to are not fabricating the best possible product, although it is within guidelines. I have heard of some of these dentist fitted mouth guards have delamination and longevity issues. Sure they can warranty it, but they still will make the mouth guard the same way. What protection can you rely on when your mouth guard falls apart? A custom mouth guard is the way to go as long as you can find a source that manufactures a high quality mouth guard. A high quality guard can be bought at $95. It is worth asking around if a dentist can take a custom mold of your teeth and the cost should be around $50-100 depending if they pour your model or not.

We are a dental office providing high quality custom mouth guards manufactured by Python Guards™. Because we are a premier provider of Python Guards™, if you are in the local vicinity of our office, custom mouth guard impressions are free. There are other advantages with having a dental office take care of your sports dentistry needs. Please inquire within to find out how we can provide you the best protection that you can get with Python Guards™.

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