Custom Mouth Guard

A genuine custom mouth guard is the most essential protection athletes have, therefore we bring this to a higher level, by offering the tighest fitting mouthguards sports athletes can possibly get.

Each and every custom made guard is constructed and created with the very best quality components and specifications, to make sure that customized fit for genuine safety and comfort. Considering the online businesses declaring they provide “custom mouthguards”, we’d like you to definitely know…they aren’t the same and also the big difference within the production method is something you will experience with your new mouth guards.

Regardless of whether you may need a Mixed Martial Arts mouth guard or a “performance mouth guard” for any various sports activity, we’re right here to assist you through all the procedures, each and every one of our custom made guards are constantly created using the very best quality to make sure that custom fit for true protection and comfort and ease.

We also are experts in custom mouthguards for braces, concentrating on the custom designs that each one our custom mouthguards are constructed of, although with a genuine knowledge of how a custom mouthguard for braces really should be manufactured, the expertise we have now comes from many years of practical experience and plenty of satisfied repeat customers. We have been and always will be ready to answer the questions you have, so that you know which kind of mouth guard meets your needs and that we personalize it to meet your request.

There are many options out there and there are many dentists that are able to provide this service, albeit, not many are familiar with the intricacies of sports and athletics.  We have taken the care in finding out what is out there in the market, asked the necessary questions to those who are in each sport on the professional level, and developed relationships with companies who are experts in the industry so that we could provide the public with truly high quality mouth guards that are designed to protect as well as stand out from the rest.