“Yes, the guard was amazing for the entire duration (+ 2 yrs) and I would have continued using it if I hadn’t lost it. Ok, ordering a new one right now.” – Denis G.

“Thanks Elmer. It was a good night thats for sure. Only lasted the 1 round, but the guard felt great and fits amazing.” – Joey D.

“The Mouthguard: I wanted a snake-like appearance for my guard and “Anaconda” on the front. For the guard he cut out the individual scales and assembled one of the coolest guards I have ever seen. He suggested a burnt orange font color and I gave him free reign over the font itself. I am very happy with the appearance. There are no odd bubbles or anything. As for fit – it is super tight, very easy to breathe with, I don’t drool, and I have to pry it out. It suctions into my upper teeth and stays. He included easy instructions to add my bottom teeth, which I will do later. Doing a quick roll with it and taking a few weak punches it feels significantly better than a BNB and I will never go back. I can even speak with it in just fine. He also included a case with my name on it in the same font as “Anaconda” which was a nice personal touch.” – tiger.shark