About Us

FightGuard Network™ is founded by Elmer Tolentino.  Currently he is also the owner and business manager of a dental office in Corona, CA.  He has been training Taewondo and Hapkido for over 2 years as well as having trained in the art of Aikido, Karate, and Eskrima.  During class he noticed that the mouth guards being used were not sufficient.  Out of concern, being in the field of dentistry, FightGuard Network™ was born.

There are many options out there and there are many dentists that are able to provide this service, albeit, not many are familiar with MMA and the sport itself.  We have taken the care in finding out what is out there in the market, asked the necessary questions to those who are in the sport on the professional level, and developed relationships with companies who are experts in the industry so that we could provide the public with truly high quality custom performance mouth guards that are designed to protect as well as stand out from the rest.

A true performance mouth guard allows athletes from a range of sports, which is designed especially for athletes looking for optimal performance. – Performance Mouth Guards!