Benefits of a Custom Mouth Guard

A custom mouth guard is the best protection wear an individual can use for boxing, mma, hockey, and other contact sports. There are many advantages that a custom appliance have over a traditional boil and bite mouth guard.

When you are in a sport like mma, boxing, hockey and other contact, you run the risk of injury in the oral region. There are many advantages of a custom guard versus a boil and bite. Boil and bite is not custom fit so often you see athletes play with their mouth piece. This is not good because the tighter the fit, the more solid as a whole the protection will be. A truly custom fit guard will have suction and you need to use your fingers to take out the appliance.

Another advantage of a custom versus boil and bite is that it is not as bulky. The benefit of this is better breathability. More oxygen intake directly impacts performance and that speech is still possible while wearing these type of guards. Improved performance is beneficial in all sports where an individual is wearing a mouth guard. Talking while wearing a guard is ideal for a quarterback needing to call out plays during a game.

Boil and bite mouth guards provide a false sense of a protection due to the dramatic decrease in thickness when the athlete bites it into place during its softened state. They do not fit as accurately as custom fabricated types. So often they are uncomfortable and athletes take it out when they can safely do so.

Here are some unique features why Python Guards™ are considered one of the best in the industry.

  • Start with the smallest thickness as possible
  • Each guard is hand layered
  • Each guard takes 3-4 hours to make

We are a dental office that provides custom fit mouth guards manufactured by Python Guards™. We offer this customized product and unique in the sense that we do not mark up the price like other dental offices do. We provide a truly custom product that the normal consumer looking for this type of protection can afford. Prices start $95. For those that are not in our local area, the price includes a self impression kit with instructions. For those who are in our local area, you can come in to get your impressions for free since we are a premier distributor for Python Guards™.

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